Tap into your Kubota Equipment’s Full Potential

Apr 30, 2023

You purchased your first unit from Kubota’s lineup of sub-compact or compact tractors, or perhaps you added a new model to your collection. No doubt, you’ve tested a wide range of applications that help you comfortably and efficiently perform routine tasks on your property – from gardening and landscaping to general maintenance and even snow removal. 

With an abundance of details designed to meet your specific needs, there are probably some untapped functions that can enhance the completion of any task. That’s why Kubota is here! We’ve put together a list of our favorite not-so-hidden Kubota features. Check them out, and you’ll be tapping into your Kubota’s full potential while completing even the toughest outdoor projects with ease.

Use your Feet

Some of the most underutilized features can be activated with the tap of a heel. Foot controls, like that on the BX Series, can help provide traction – whether driving up steep inclines, digging or trying to pick something up. Understanding 4WD and differential locks are critical in mastering these features as they both inform how the axles and tires of your unit respond to traction requirements of the terrain. For example, while digging into a sand pile, you may need some extra traction to get both rear tires to spin, even while in 4WD.  Let up off the acceleration, step the differential lock lever to the floor with your left heel, and lock both wheels, providing even more traction for pushing material. Consult your operator’s manual for proper operation of the differential lock.

Operation of the Loader with a Float Control 

Often overlooked, the float control in Kubota’s sub-compact and compact tractors helps the loader bucket to float while the bucket is locked. The float position can avoid mixing of surface material with stockpile material, helping to reduce the chance of surface gouging while doing projects like snow removal or working with a blade. While operating the loader on a hard surface, keep the bucket level and put the lift control in the float position to permit the bucket to float on the working surface. Keep in mind that if hydraulic down pressure is exerted on the bucket, the bucket will wear faster than normal.  Consult your operator’s manual for proper operation of the loader.

Utilize a 3rd Function Valve

Add even more capabilities to your tractor with a 3rd Function Valve. Often called a third function, as it’s used to control an additional third hydraulic circuit, a 3rd function valve is a hydraulic control valve that’s installed on your machine, adding an additional hydraulic function. Land Pride 3rd Function Valves are designed in conjunction with Kubota engineering to fit both ROPS and cab models, making them a seamless add-on to any machine. What’s more, they’re simple to use with the push of a button.  

Outstanding quality, maximum performance and dominant durability comes naturally to Kubota equipment. And, we stand behind our line by providing standard limited warranty coverage with every new Kubota product. Thanks to support from a network of more than 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers nationally, you’ll keep your property looking flawless for many years to come. 

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